My Heavy Handbag

I was never aware that a full handbag can weigh as much as 10 pounds until I read an article about it. All I know is that my handbag is heavy and have not even thought of weighing it. Hmmm, if my handbag could weigh that much, it's no surprise that carrying it over my shoulder can cause neck and shoulder problems. Experts suggest to keep bag as light as possible and alternate it between shoulders regularly. It will be a lot better to opt for smaller bags that you can swap back and forth from hand to hand.


sasha said...

Naku tita, wala ka sa sis kong teacher. Parang aparador na ang dala sa bigat ng bag niya! Hahaha

Ako naman di girly girly sa ganyan kasi mas type ko messenger bags kesa handbags. Kaya mas carry ko ang bigat... ng payong ko! Hehehe... Di ako mahilig magdala masyado ng kung anik-anik :)

Max said...

Hey Liza,

I must be the oddest woman on earth: can you believe that my handbags are always light? I even have a story for this: once I was shopping in my favourite store, in Lisbon (where I buy everything), and when the store assistant was registering the items I had bought, she grabs my handbag and tries to register it LOL, then she opened the bag to look for the code and realise that it was mine (cause it had my purse, sunglasses, cellphone, house keys, lipstick, and that was it)...then she told me "I thought it was brand new, since it is so light!" LOL LOL...

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! Mine was ok :)!

Wishing you a great week...


Shinade said...

Hi Liza,
Boy do I know what you mean about a big handbag.

My hubby says mine is a suitcase and not a!!

But every time I try to go smaller I simply can't keep up with everything.

So I always wind up going back to the store and getting another big one.

you just never know what you might need when you are out...right?:-)))

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