Coffee, Tea and Iron

Upon waking up in the morning, our first task is to prepare breakfast for the family. It is always nice to sit down in the morning with the whole family and have breakfast together with of course, a cup of hot coffee. But if you feel you need to have a dose of caffeine, try not have them with your meals because it can hinder iron absorption. This goes with tea as well.

Research shows that many women are not getting enough iron. And when you're not getting enough iron you become anemic. Tiredness, lack of concentration and sometimes breathlessness are the symptoms of anemia. Red meat is the best source of iron but it can also be found in dried fruits and green leafy vegetables.


ellen said...

Hello, liza...huhuhuhu nagbabawas ang ppp ng mga blog na gagawa para sa kanila, minalas na mapasama yung gbex,within at tiny ko...tanging heartbeats na ala pa mandin pagerank itinira nila sa akin...ang saklap naman eto paliwanag nila
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haaay kapatid parang gusto ko mabaliw

ellen said...

kahapon palang binabalita sa akin ng asawa ko na dmi pinoy pinauuwi gawa sa krisis sa amerika , kako ndi ako apektado gawa blogging pinagkakakitaan ko rito tapos ngyn wala na...psensya ka na at kwento pa ko sau kase sa ppp ako nakatutok talaga...huhuhuhuhu

ellen said...

ngyn umaga ko nabasa sa email ko ang nakakasindak na email nila kaya nagpunta ako kanila oara alamin tapo yan ngang copy paste na pinakita ko sau naging paliwanag sa mga tanung ko

Melinda Zook said...

I have no idea what the commentator above did to your post here...weird. Anyway, I just wanted to say this is a great tip! I had no idea about that.

Irene said...

Thanks for the tip!

twinks said...


This is a great tip.
I don't usually have my cup of coffee in the morning. I don't like drinking hot drinks in the morning for breakfast, it just upsets my stomach.

TC :]

Shinade said...

Well that's one thing I am doing right. I always have my coffee first.

Then I eat my breakfast a little while later.

Happy day Liza:-)

Ria said...

good tip mommy liz! may tanong ako sa iyo... paano ba mabibigyan ng assignment ang blogger ng sponsor reviews and buyblogreviews? sus, ilang buwan na ako member, la pa din makapasa sa bids ko...ayaw nila sa akin...hahahahaha


wow! great info. and I probably need to change a few habits!

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