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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Laughing Out Loud

Lighten up and laugh out loud. When you hear a great laugh, it gets you going and it's good for your health. Do it on a regular basis and you'll have more energy, less stress and better relationships to others. Studies show that LOL not only can help us handle stress, it has wonderful effects on our heart, immune system and more.

Work, stress, problems, budgeting, kids tormenting each and sometimes "annoying" neighbors can give you nightmares. And instead of letting all these put you down, find ways to laugh. Experts say that a lighthearted approach to life can have more benefits, and laughing [even if you're faking it] can help you handle difficult situations.

So, laugh your way to BETTER HEALTH, it increases your body's level of beneficial hormones. Laugh your way to MORE ENERGY and fight fatigue. Laugh your way to LESS STRESS, people with a good sense of humor can cope better with stress. Laugh your way to STRONGER RELATIONSHIPS, laughter loosens you up and it's a lot easier to talk with others when your at ease. But wait, there's more.... laughing often makes you feel a lot younger. Hahahahaha :)


Nancy said...

I agree!

happy weekend here mommy....

New Free Media said...

Great tips

Philippines said...

Hello There!

Jade said...

I know that by experience too. Laughter is trully a great medicine.

Liza, I have created Uber Amazing Blog Award especially for the most amazing bloggers I know and you are definitely on of them!

Drop by when you get the chance and I wish you a great weekend!

Dawn said...

The ability to laugh is what has kept me & my hubby together for 28 yrs this month. A good laugh can get you through anything!!!

emjei said...

hi there friend, got a tag for bloggers like you, join us -

Imelda said...

lol, that's correct laughing makes one younger, hahaha.

. . . i was here today sis.

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