Beauty Tip # 3

You had a long day and is feeling very tired. You definitely want to relax, and what better way to do that than a nice warm soak on the tub. When you mix a calming lavender-scented bath with a grapefruit body lotion, the result can be stimulating. So if you want to optimize your relaxing bath try to stay within the same scent.


gLoR!e said...

ggeeezzzz i like that so relaxing but obviously i can't do it on my small apartment, pity!:(

Juliana RW said...

Hi Liza,

I need you help ^_^.

Will you Vote for me and have a chance to win $250. Thanks.

ellen said...

kahit sa mga pang air spray, mas gusto ko ang lavander scent...pero yung grapefruit body lotion ndi ko pa naamoy.

Heartbeats said...

Hello, Have a nice day1!

Ria said...

hi mommy liz,
this is very true. if you look in my bathroom, it's full of lavender foam bath and aroma oils with scented candles too. minsan, i just light the candles and fill the tub with luke warm water and put few drops of lavender aromatherapy oils and viola!

nga pala mommy liz, i have a beautiful poem for you:

sensya na din ha, i don't think i'll ever have EC, ever again. i got upset with them eh... hehehehe. let's just say i "vented it out."

iceah said...

good suggestion c:

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