Should you trust your doc...

... if you know that he is just hopping on the beautification bandwagon? If your General Practitioner tells you that he is adding cosmetic procedures to his practice, wouldn't you hesitate to see him about your droopy lids?

More and more women are becoming too conscious of their looks that is why cosmetic surgery has become a very lucrative business. And because of this, there is a rise in doctors who are working outside their fields of expertise. This boom is quite alarming because when it comes to looking good, women are willing to pay more. Try to picture this, when a patient comes in for botox rather than a yeast infection, it's alright to pay a higher fee, and she pays for it on the spot!

If you are considering a cosmetic surgery, it's always best to have a specialist in this field do the job. Complications may occur and if you doc is not very experienced, you might end up looking not as you expected. And the worst, the result can be fatal. Dr. Andres Bustillo of plastic surgery in Newyork is well-known for his expertise in cosmetic surgery. And since most of you are willing to pay when it comes to beautification, why not choose the best? This doctor is dedicated to providing his clients the most advanced and time-proven techniques available today in facial plastic surgery. You need an expert who can handle the unexpected, not a "quack" who overpromises.

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