Learning Should Be Fun

My son is having some problems with his least favorite subject, and that is MATH. All his grades on his other subjects are okay except for this one. I'm a little worried because he is graduating this March and he's going to be in high school next school year. Hubs and I are thinking of getting him a tutor, and my sister in law have arranged for her son's tutor to meet with me on Monday. But now I think I am going to cancel the appointment.

It was a blessing in disguise when I checked my email a while ago. Social Spark has reserved the Brightstorm opportunity for me. First I had a vague idea on what it was all about, but when I checked the web site and was asked to Sign up for a free brightstorm account, I knew this was something my son needs and it's an opportunity I shouldn't pass.

Although I was not able to take the free course because my coupon has expired, merely reviewing the site's courses and reading their teachers' qualifications are enough to let my child take the easy courses. I've always believed that learning should be fun and although math is a serious subject, the kids will be more interested if they're having fun at the same time.

You too can also Sign up for a free account. Just click on the links to be directed to the site.

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Joanna said...

Neat! Glad you found something that will help your son!

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