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My mom got a call from my aunt who lives in New York the other day. She was very emotional while telling her about the burglary that happened that day. Apparently, some people broke in their house while they were out with my cousin, who's visiting from Japan. A lot of their possessions where stolen, expensive watches, jewelries, plasma tv and even my aunt's newly purchased laptop was not spared. Their home security system did not even scare off the burglars. We are thankful nobody's home when it happened, at least no one got hurt. In these hard times, we should not be too complacent because our homes are not safe from burglars. For your personal safety, I found some tips on how to safeguard our homes, read on...

1) Burglars are terrified of dogs. Even if you don't own a dog, it's a good idea to strategically scatter a few chew toys and other canine accessories like a leash around the yard. Dogs are a big problem for burglars because they can be aggressive and attack unknown persons anytime.

2) Burglars are not easily fooled by light timers. If you've seen the movie "Home Alone", you know that they are smart enough to know when the light goes on so it's best to set light timers so they switch on and off on a staggered schedule when you're away.

3.) Install a web-enabled home monitored Home Alarm system that lets you keep an eye of your home even when you are away. You can activate it, check it and even browse what is happening at your place at any time using your handy phone.

4) Burglars monitor the mail. When you're going away for a long time, have a neighbor or a friend collect your mails along with the newspaper everyday. When your mailbox is loaded with uncollected mails, your house is an easy target.

There are heartless people out there who take advantage of other people's hard earned possessions. Following these simple tips will give you peace of mind and stop burglars from scooting around your house.

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