Ways to Boost Your Mood

Thinking too much and work often leaves us stressed. It's tough to run a household, care for the kids and still worry about the budget. Sometimes, there are days when you are so busy and just thinking about the tasks ahead makes you fret and you can't seem to finish off anything.

Here are some stress busters that are guaranteed to boost bliss that doesn't cost much time and money:

1) EAT CHOCOLATE. There's a reason why many consider it a comfort food - they make people happy. Chocolate sends feel good chemicals throughout your body and biting into a candy bar feels heavenly.

2) LISTEN TO MUSIC. Listening to slow tempo music like classical or "easy listening" songs reduces heart and respiratory rates.

3) TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Science proves it that taking long, deep breaths for just ten minutes a day can lower blood pressure. When you breath deeply, your body gets the oxygen it needs to function at optimum levels, resulting to feelings of calm and contentment.

4) TAKE A SHORT NAP. A ten-minute nap helps jump-start a good mood.

5) GET SOME SUNSHINE. Sunlight triggers the body to produce vitamin D. Go out and catch the morning sun, lack of D has been linked to depression.

6) STOP AND SMELL THE FLOWERS. Studies show that the sweet smell of flowers can relieve feelings of tension after anxiety-provoking tasks.

7) BOND WITH YOUR PET. A few minutes of playing with pets raises levels of good-mood inducing brain chemicals. When you're stressed about so many things, remember to stop and play with your four-legged friends.

8) WATCH YOUR FAVORITE SHOW. Science proves it that unwinding with your favorite TV show can zap stress. Get yourself a drink, get on the couch and just enjoy the show. Looking at positive images sparks activity on the part of the brain that promotes feelings of happiness.

9) HIT THE PAVEMENT. Try to walk everyday for at least 30 minutes. Walking can reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol by up to 40 percent.

10) WEAR A RAINBOW. Research shows that the colors RED and YELLOW trigger a chemical reaction in the body that mimics a mini adrenalin rush. So, if you want a burst of pep, slip into something red and yellow.


Eduardo said...

Thanks for those great tips! (especially #7! BOL!) My Mommy loves this blog! She wants me to tell you she has been eating pineapple & papaya & it's working! She has lost 4 lbs!(she has been recommending it to everyone!)
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

I do all these things except for the 10 min. nap and am usually in a good mood. Playing with my cat is my favorite stress reducer mood cheer upper activity.

Anonymous said...

Another tip that works for me ...
Is turning off the television, radio, stereo, computer, phones, etc., for awhile!
Unplugging from all the stimulation we endure each day - can work wonders for lowering our stress level!
dawn @ iowahippiechick


Thank you for the eat chocolate one! I can always count on you:)

Ching Ya said...

Nice tips. Chocolates & music are on top of my list. Or I like to pamper myself with something I love, just don't take me to shop, I might end up buying tons of stuffs I'll be regretting later. ^^

GAGAY said...

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EastCoastLife said...

I've been doing most of those on the list. :)
I'm in a good mood now.

GAGAY said...

thank you for this one..mommy liz, hope u can do the tag..thank u!


Anonymous said...

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Relimom said...

Nice tips! The one of chocolate unfortunately lasts only a short while with me. After I've finished the whole bar I feel bloated and bummed out that I ate the whole thing.

So I like the tip about hitting the pavement the best. It works while you're doing it, and afterwards you can't help feeling good about yourself as well!

If I may be so annoying to add one more tip: reach out and touch someone! Try to do something good for someone else, without them even knowing it. Guaranteed to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Furkidsmom said...

Numbers 1 and 7 work best for us!!
Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

Anonymous said...

hey this is nice, very helpful. what works for me big time is to be in the beach and watch the sunset OR i go the nearest spa salon and have me a good body massage

Running mommy said...

Great tips!
Running makes you feel better too! Guaranteed.

SEDONA said...

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Barako Brew said...

The RAINBOW color-scheme is a great idea.

GAGAY said...

dropping by!


Malditang Pinay! said...

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