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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brown or White?

I've always thought that brown sugar is better than white sugar, but I recently read that there's not much difference between the two. The brown one may look more wholesome, but it's simply white sugar with molasses added for flavor and color. While it's true that molasses contains nutrients like iron, calcium and potassium, the amount in brown sugar is too small to make a difference. Too small that you'd have to eat more than two cups of it to get the calcium in a glass of milk. Brown sugar contains 17 kilocalories per teaspoon and white sugar contains 16 kilocalories per teaspoon. The only difference between the two are taste and the effects on baked goodies.


Sandi said...

I wasn't really aware of the differences. I do know I love both though!


I am a sugar lover although I will admit that brown has always been my favorite too!

gie said...

brown sugar is best for cooking. the white one is for.. well, papakin mo na lang. hehe.. ;)

Michele said...

Sorry I know we just exchanged links but I moved my blog. I have a new button up on my page if you'd switch it out with the old one. I also updated and moved the location of your button. (where did you get that scroll thing. I'll need one soon. haha
Let me know what you think of the new layout.

Michele - formerly crazy mommy

Kat said...

I never knew that either but brown sugar is my favorite too.

Felicia Eis said...

I love brown sugar!!!

Leaving some clicky love <3 :)

Mariuca said...

Oooooooh Lizaaaaa, I see the lovely FCC badge here, thanks so much! Your blog qualifies of coz! Feel free to add ur other blogs as well if u want to. ;)

Gin said...

I remember my Aunt making a big deal about brown sugar being healthier. I honestly prefer white because sometimes, brown sugar makes a dish or drink taste least for me.

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