Treat scars with garlic

I know that garlic gives us numerous health benefits such as lowering blood pressure, lowering cholesterol, helps prevent the formation of blood clots and many more. I have a friend who has high blood pressure and every time she feels that her blood pressure is going up, she would peel a clove of garlic and pop it into her mouth. Just like a candy, she would slowly dissolve it in her mouth. It doesn't taste good but she says it is very effective. I've also heard from the "oldies" that the first aid to dog bites is to rub a sliced garlic on the wound. It helps kill rabies and stops it from spreading giving you enough time to get medical help.

I recently came across an article about garlic being used to treat scars. The author says that when she was 8, she had a bad fall and had to get 12 stitches on her chin, which left an ugly scar across her jaw. Her mother rubbed garlic on it 3 times a day for the next few weeks, and the scar was gone. Years later, she had another nasty scar, applied the same treatment and it worked again.

It's the first time I've heard of it but being a person who looks for alternative ways first before taking any form of medication, I'd definitely give this a try the next time I or any of my kids get a scar.


prabakaran said...

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Arlene said...

Hi Liz, this is good news. this might work well for my acne scars. super red that it still looks like live acne. Ma try ko nga. :)

By the way, did u get my 300 ec credits? i sent it to one of ur blogs. If not this one the other one.

KAT said...

This sounds really good, but I am soooo allergic to garlic, that I dont think this would work for me???

I get violently sick with the slightest bit of garlic...makes it hard to go out to eat anywhere, because it seems like everywhere uses garlic or garlic salt or garlic powder in and on everything. :(

Max said...

Hi Liza,

This is one thing I didn't know: treat scars with garlic...I will try (although I can imagine the smell won't be pleasant)!

Like you I also like alternative treatments to pills (I don't take them); so thank you, darling :D!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend! May God Bless you, dear!


Anonymous said...

I'd prefer to stick with something that is safe and "odorless!" Our pediatric plastic surgeon at Duke recommended Kelo-cote for our sweet pea and it worked really well! He assured me it was very safe.


So you just take garlic, peel it and apply to the scar? I suppose I need to go and buy some garlic then!! Thanks as always!

Lainy said...

Hi Liza!

Thanks for this tip. I will surely try this one out. My wound is slowly on its way to recovery and a whitish scar is evident.

See you around!

All the Best,

Barako Brew said...

That's a pretty handy theory. It should only work for fresh scars thought, am I right?

Just the same you can peel the garlic, rub it onto your scar, save it for later, roast it to a crispy golden yellow, and you can enjoy eating it too. :)

Great tip!

Ez of Barako Brew

Gina Alfani said...

Awesome post . . . I will have to try this . . . I always have lots of organic garlic in the refrigerator.


Michele said...

oh gosh I am sorry. I'm glad you found me though! ha ha ya I have been meaning to add my crazymommy site to my flaming deer account but just haven't done it yet. There is a good reason to do it now! haha

Cascia said...

I've never heard of that one. I wonder if it works on scars from surgery. I have a scar on my abdomen from when I had my gall bladder out. It gets really itchy and irritating. I especially have problems with it when I am pregnant and I'm expecting my fourth child this summer. Maybe I'll try that before I get too huge and the scar gets bothersome. Thanks for sharing!

ehmma said...

Yes, I agree with your medical pointers on the two things you mentioned: to remove scars and lowering of blood pressure but I want to correct you on the wrong notion of our folks regarding the rubbing of garlic to the wound bitten by the dog. Base on the doctor's prescription, when you are bitten by a dog, you immediately wash it with soap and water as a first aid remedy. Rubbing of garlic would aggravate the pain because of its burning sensation properties, and that is true also to other wounds, I think it is much better if you eat the raw garlic instead of rubbing them directly to the open wounds as a natural antibiotic.

Riannon said...

I wonder if the garlic would work on stretch marks :)

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