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Friday, March 13, 2009

More reasons to go nuts

Did you know that substituting an ounce of nuts for a snack such as a handful of crackers or chips can reduce your risk of a heart attack by 30 percent? Nuts are packed with fiber, monounsaturated fatty acids, and other nutrients that may help lower bad blood fats while helping you feel full longer than carbs do. Here's more, nuts won't cause you to gain weight! So snack on nuts, they're not only yummy but they're good for you. ^.^


Mira said...

I love munching on anything especially when I'm busy doing my online work. But nuts are my fave snacks of all. Thanks for the info Liz. Regards.

Francesca said...

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Luana @MommySoul said...

Yay for nuts then! ^.^ I really love them, and I often do use them for a snack :) Better than many fatty things on the market for sure.

BTW, would you like to exchange links with ^^ I saw your tag, I just didn't have the time to reply back then because I was busy. *hugs*

Luana @MommySoul said...

I have just added your link up, darling :) And you're very welcome *hugs* ♥

karomadee said...

i think it depends on how it's cook. thanks for the info though. i'll keep that in mind

Friendz said...

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SASKA said...

I like your blog, i just found it, through entrecard, but i will keep reading, i like all the nice recommendations, and useful tips
Thank you

Digital Polaroids said...

Great! I love nuts!

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