Something Fishy!

Just last week I posted an article about fish oil capsules playing a big role in protecting our heart and that it can also boost your mood. I have also posted one about how fish, as brain food can play a positive role in mental health. You think it's just folklore? Recent studies prove that it is more than that. In tests they recently conducted, experts found that elderly men and women who ate fish and seafood regularly did better on cognitive tests than those who did not or ate just a little. But not all of us are fish persons and while it's better to get the nutrients in tastier forms such as grilled herring, smoked salmon, pizza anchovies or tuna casserole, fish oil supplements works a effectively without the risk of mercury poisoning.

Researchers have combined their findings from 10 investigations and they concluded that Omega 3 health supplements were 30% more effective than placebo pills at lifting symptoms of depression. What they still have to determine though, is the optimum dosage and the best combination of the different types of omega3s.

But wait, here's more, the omega 3 in fish oil also plays a role in arthritis prevention and treatment. Arthritis happens when something goes wrong with the lubricating system between two bones, which leaves you in a lot of pain. Taking fish oil supplement does the trick in lubricating the joints.

The benefits we get from fish oil are so many and the ones I have mentioned above are just a few. If you think you're not taking in enough, better start taking fish oil supplements now, you'll thank me for this in the future. *wink*

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