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Just the other day, as I was cleaning the house, I noticed a small damage on our storage room door and there where wood dust around the area. I had no idea what could have caused it, so when my husband came home, I asked him to check on the door. As if he knew what was happening, he immediately got a screwdriver and tapped on the wood. He discovered that the wood is hallow and there were termites feeding on the wooden door so he went to check the whole house because he said there might be more. Luckily, we detected it early and that's the only one he found damaged.

Then I suddenly remembered my son telling me that he had seen some winged ants flying around but did not pay much attention to it. My husband said that the next time we see winged ants, it could be a sign that there could be termites in the house. The next day, I called up
Fort Worth Pest Control and had the wood treated. The company was so reliable and they used the most advanced and effective techniques to treat the door. Now I can sleep soundly knowing that my house is pest free. And next time, I know what to do when I see those winged ants flying around the house.

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