Dark Elbows?

Our elbows usually get a lot of pressure. Leaning constantly traumatizes the skin, which thickens as it works to heal and protect itself. And not like our hands and feet, the skin cells on our elbows contain melanin, a skin-coloring pigment. Experts say, the more layers of skin there are, the more opaque melanin appears and the darker the skin looks.

To get rid of dark elbows, try to exfoliate them by rubbing with a lemon wedge. The juice's acid slough off dead skin cells and help new cells grow. Then rinse skin and apply pure virgin coconut oil. The oil penetrates deeply to moisturize and strengthen underlying tissue.

Thank You FC!!!


Anya said...

I can try it ;)
My skin is almost old and I don't now or its working .... LOL
Have a wonderful weekend :))

Chef Eureka said...

Very good tip, I have a bowl full of lemons at home!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

wow I have never heard of this Liza. I will try this.

Now you have me wondering if it will also work on my face and help even my skin tone.

of course as I am getting older th smooth milky skin is being replaced by slight pink patches, especially on my cheeks.

I use a toner and that does help some. But, this has me wondering. I may just try a few sessions on my face and see what happens!!

Happy weekend Liza!!:-)

Kia said...

Great tip! I'll have to try that.

Empty Streets said...

Hi Dear,

wow I finally found time to browse today after having such a busy work schedule. I can't wait to read what I have missed here :) Hope things are well and that it keeps on getting better :)


_el@i_ said...

wow, thanks for that tip... my husband could use some of that ;)

Christa Bledsoe said...

What great info, thanks for sharing. I am visiting from Entrecard.

Ria said...

good tip mommy liz! buti na lng, di maitim ang elbows ko..hehehehe...but this is good to know :)

Max Coutinho said...

Hey Liza,

Another great tip - I will remember it when the time comes ;)!

How are you, darling? Me, I am fine (I had a cool weekend) :D!

I wish you an excellent week ahead: God Bless!


ellen said...

hello liza...kmusta na...

nancy said...

hello mommy liz...long time no hop. i miss it here!

i found my elbow skin darker when i was in hi-school and college, siguro nga over leaning, kaka isip ng sagot sa tests and quizzes. but right now i think even na sya ulit, hehehe!

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