Paper Building for Hubs and Joey

When my son turned 10, both he and his Papa have taken a liking to collecting trains, mostly electric. They have started with the cheaper sets back then. Now my son is 13 and slowly, they are starting to collect the more expensive sets and are planning to make a diorama for the trains. They have already designed a layout but due to the limited accessories they have in the stores here, they have not started with the project. There are only a few hobby shops here in Manila and their supplies are limited, it's either they start from scratch or order from the internet.

One time, I was surfing the internet and stumbled upon a website selling model trains buildings. Instead of plastics and resins, Paper buildings were used for dioramas. Since they didn't want pre-made designs, I figured, this will be perfect. It's a software they can use to design and print buildings. It also features walls, windows and roofs detailing that they can easily print.

I gave them the link of the website so they both can check it. Hubs said, this is great and they can save a lot of money because they won't have to buy the kits anymore. Joey got very excited too and can't wait to begin with the project. It's great that both of them share the same interest, at least now, they'll leave my Galleon model alone, haha.


shegardener said...

Happy to send you a free copy for your son and husband to enjoy together!
email me:

Kristin at My Art and the Mom in Me said...

What a wonderful hobby.. My Dad likes to bring his old set out at the holidays and let all of the grandkids play with it.. well, with his supervision, lol.. He is just like a kid again when he brings it out! :)

Rolly said...

That's good.

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