Relax A Tense Back

Nothing is better than a good back rub to ease muscle tension and help you unwind after a long, tiring day. Want a quick pick-me-up? Get a tube sock and fill it with 3 to 4 tennis balls. Tie the end, then stretch it around your back and move it back and forth, just as you would a towel after a shower or bath. The rolling motion kneads tight muscles, loosening them on the spot for instant relief. Try it, it really works!


stan said...

hmmmm cost effective indeed!

Anya said...

I think it works ...... LOL
great idea :)

Grampy said...

I could use something for the old back. I'll give it a try.
Have a good weekend.

nancy said...

been missing a back rub...kaya lang wala akong tennis ball. any alternative?

StaceyC4 said...

Hhmmmm...who knew that tennis balls could serve so many purposes?? I'll have to give it a try!

ellen said...

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Empty Streets said...


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Max Coutinho said...

Hi Liza,

This sounds like a great tip! I had never thought of it, so I will try it, for sure :D! Thanks, darling.

How are you? I am fine, just finishing one more Sunday (a peaceful one, thank God)!

I wish you a super week ahead, and have loads of fun :D!


Raft3r said...

akala ko a sack full of cats
morbid ba?

happy monday, liz!

Rob said...

That's a very clever idea!

Ria said...

I should have read this post before my hubby bought that massager you put on the couch and you sit on it. This won't cost much!!! Good info Mommy Liz!

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