It's Getting A Lot Cheaper Nowadays

Some of my friends in blogging are looking for cheap hosting packages in web. But with so much to choose from it can get a little confusing especially if you do not understand much about web hosting. There are probably more than a hundred web hosting sites out there where you can purchase your own web hosting plan, most of them are offering competitive prices. I had to tell them to start comparing the top web hosting companies. That way they'll be able to tell who offers the best and the cheapest.

True enough, one of them found this... For as low as $3.95 per month you can get an unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, free domain for life, you can host unlimited domains, a free set up. The package comes with an Anytime Money Back Guarantee. Hosting your own web site now is very affordable. I got mine for $6.75 about a year ago and I only got my domain name free for a year. Competition has become really stiff the prices keep getting lower every year.

I have also encountered a lot of articles from other bloggers who are not satisfied with their current web hosts. They are complaining about frequent outages and unfriendly customer service. So if you are to purchase a host, it is so important to do a research, check the reviews and ask around. At least this will give you an idea if the web host company is reliable and dependable.

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