A Good and Responsible Rider

Isn't is annoying to have your mom barking at you every time you head out the door to wear your helmet before you hop on your scooter? Moms worry even at the smallest things and riding a motorbike is far more dangerous than driving a car, so put a stop to that. As a rider, I'm sure you know how important wearing a motorcycle helmet is. Wear it every time you get on that scooter, and soon she will find the topic so mundane she would stop nagging you. Let her know you are being a good and responsible rider and she will keep out of your riding business.

It won't hurt to be cautious because accidents do happen. The impact on your head is significantly reduced when you are wearing a helmet during a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle helmets are designed to cushion and protect your head from the impact of an accident. Come to think of it, it may be the only protection you have if you experience an accident while riding. Wearing a helmet does not limit your ability to hear or see what is happening around you.

And while you're out to show her you're a responsible rider, protect yourself with Leather Vests as well. A vest of good quality can protect you from the sun, wind and rain. You may also want to take a look at Motorcycle saddlebags for your belongings.

Please don't be stubborn about this, it's for your own good anyway. Stop your momma from worrying, wear the helmet!


Cascia said...

I agree it is very important to protect your head when you go riding on a bike of any kind. Great tips!

RICKY said...

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