Long Lasting Manicure

For busy moms, getting a manicure is a "once-in-a-while" indulgence. Just think, when else do you get to sit still for 30 minutes? And I'm sure you're annoyed when your manicure chips just two days later. To ensure those tips stay tidy, ask your manicurist to sweep a light coat of polish under each nail's edge. This technique envelops the nail in polish and will minimize chipping, making your manicure last longer.


Cascia said...

That is a great idea...if I ever get the time and money to get a manicure. Thanks for the tip!

Anya said...

Thanks for your wonderful tips
I wish I had such a pretty nails ;)

nancy said...

love this tip... i do my own nails at home so I will try this. hehe!

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