Caribbean Escape

One of the places hubs and I dream of visiting someday is the Caribbean. If only we had the funds to get away right now and enjoy an all inclusive vacation, we would. But we are not giving up on this Caribbean vacation. Hopefully in a few months we will have our dream. My daughter is graduating from college next month and after that, things will be easier with only one child left to send to school.

Meanwhile, we contain ourselves viewing the seductive beauty of the Caribbean through the web. Who wouldn't want an all inclusive vacation package and still travel in style, bask in the sun, take a dip in the beautiful deep blue waters, and just enjoy the breathtaking views of the island? With its perfect climate and picturesque pristine beaches, no wonder it's one of the world's most renown vacation spots.

Ahhh Caribbean, the great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city might just be a dream right now. But soon... we'll enjoy your beauty.


Anya said...

I go with you Lisa :-)
OMG it looks so FANTASTIC !!!!!

judys424 said...

The pic is breath taking! I can understand why you want to go. I want to go too someday, but my son is just finishing Grade 1 haha..long wait ahead. Good luck, I'll pass by again to see if you're there already :)

Chris said...

what a place!! :D

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