Laugh Your Way To Better Health

Deadlines, stress, problems, bills, kids tormenting each other and sometimes annoying colleagues can give you the headache. So instead of letting all these win and put you down, find ways to laugh. The best cure for stress is to lighten up and laugh out loud. When you hear a great laugh, it gets you going too, it's contagious. If you hear two people laughing at a joke you didn’t hear, you are more likely to smile or laugh. Laughing, even if you are faking it, offers body-wide benefits. Practice it on a regular basis and you'll have more energy, you'll feel less stressed and you'll develop better relationships with others. Laughing out loud will not only help us handle stress, it has wonderful effects on our heart, immune system and more.

When you are happy and you have a lighthearted approach to life, chances are you will easily handle difficult situations. Don't know where to start? Try watching a comedy flick or go out with your friends and see LMAO Off-Broadway. It's an interactive musical comedy that's the latest craze in NY. A funny movie or a musical comedy will surely keep you going.

Laugh your way to good health, to more energy, to less stress, and to build stronger relationships with others. And most importantly, laugh your way to look younger.

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