Be More Energetic With Turquoise

Who would have thought that turquoise can outsmart hot-weather fatigue? But it's true! Old Indian tribes of the Western states believed the gem was a protector of body and soul that connected those who wore it to the heavens, providing spiritual and physical energy.

Gem therapists believe it too. They say that turquoise is linked to the 3rd Chakra, which is the body's spiritual energy center located just below the ribs. What it does is to focus on a person's energy and accentuate her powers of intuition and awareness. And to garner the most power from this gem, they recommend wearing a turquoise pendant that dangles below your heart. But of course you can also tap into spiritual energy by wearing turquoise rings or bracelets.


Anya said...


I have a turquoise stone
always in my jeans :)))))))
I believe in it !!!

Anonymous said...

This is pretty funny because my wife is always telling me about the therapeutic essence from those types of gems. I as the medical doctor, am excited to look into this. Keep up the great work with your articles and please stop by my health blog sometime. The web address is

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