Missing The Girl

I don't know what happened but this little spoiled brat suddenly kept peeing on my door mats. He was not trained but he already knows where to go and now he seems to be marking all the mats. My daughter said, he's probably upset that he's always left at home alone. We used to bring him with us whenever we go visit my in-laws but stopped because his "girlfriend" there is infested with ticks and fleas. The poor boy surely misses her a lot!


admin said...

ayy, wawa naman.

Max Coutinho said...

Hey Liza,

Such a cute dog!!
Yes, I think your daughter is right: he is making you pay for leaving him at home (it is vendetta) lol. My dog used to do exactly the same *nodding*.

And he misses his girl too, eh? LOL LOL so sweet!

I hope all is well with you, adorable :D!

Big hug

Ria said...

Oh, what a cutie :) Well, dogs mark their territories and probably, that's what your cutie dog is doing.

Btw, did you email me today Mommy Liz? Strange but I got an email from your gmail account and it was rather disturbing. I think someone is hacking your account. I hope I am wrong. Are you in Pinas right now?


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