The Multitasking Oil

Dubbed as the healthiest oil on earth, coconut oil contains many health benefits way past its nutritional content.  Here are some of the benefits you've probably not heard of ...

Ease anxiety - Coconut's aroma is proven to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol by 24 percent.  Simply rub a little on your wrists for all-day calm.

Protect teeth and gums - the lauric acid in coconut oil prevents plaque-forming S. mutans bacteria from sticking to oral surfaces.  Use your finger to apply a thin layer of the oil to teeth twice weekly.

Erase wrinkles - Coconut oil's moisturizing fatty acids plump skin cells, fading fine lines and wrinkles by 42 percent in eight weeks, according to a recent study.  For best results, apply a thin layer to trouble spots near the eyes, mouth and forehead every night.

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