Holiday Stress

Now that the holiday season is here, stress is a very unwelcome guest.  Between food preparation, shopping, gift wrapping, and taking care of your kids, good luck if you could squeeze even a little time to relax.  Your long list of to-do can take a serious toll on your skin, so if you want to look good this holiday season, try to eliminate tasks as much as you can. 

The iPhone App Store Link hubs found for the kids took out a lot of stress from me.  While I'm busy working, the kids are busy with their new iPhone applications.  Hubs read the Press Release from the paper the other day and immediately told the kids about it.  Well, actually it was the 3 of them who are enjoying the new apps, haha. It's like having 3 kids here at home, so you ca just imagine the mess when they're all here.  :(

Holiday stress can practically snuff out holiday merriment, so don't ever let it win.

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