It's Anytime Now.

It has been a long time since we had a baby in the family.  Joey, my son, is the youngest among all the grandchildren so you can just imagine the joy in every one's face when my brother announced months ago that a new baby is coming. And it's a girl!  She is still baking in the oven ;) but is due to come out any time soon.  Mom is requesting my family to prepare all the necessary documents and renew our visas so we can all travel next year (as soon as school closes) to visit the new baby.  Oh, my kids got all excited, of course.  This is going to be their first time in the US and they're going to see their cousins whom they have not seen for years and a new cousin.  Plus, they'll get to stay there all summer long.

Shopping for holiday gifts have always been a fun event in our family but it has become more exciting now that we're also shopping for a baby.  I have been shopping online for gifts -- iPod for my niece, Nadine, car accessories for my nephew, Nigel, who just bought a new car, and baby shoes and clothes for the baby.

We used to wait for a friend or relative to leave for the US before we can send them stuff.  Now I don't need to, the gifts will soon be under their tree, in time for Christmas.  We might not be with them during the holidays but in spirit, we are.  Please be with me in praying for my SIL's quick and safe recovery.  :)

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The Painted Veil said...

Oh how fun Liza for all of you. Wow, I bet the kids are excited.

Speaking of Christmas...great lead in huh? LJ worked all morning to get a Merry Christmas Celebration page up on my blog.

Please drop by and have a look see when you can. I do so hope you can and will join in.

On the big day of the 23rd I will have a Mclinky posted and you can get lots of linky love.

I hope to see you and of course I will keep your SIL in my prayers!!
Big hugs,

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