Mom's Perfect Gift

Going back to my last post, when mom heard from my daughter that I have been shopping online for gifts, she asked if I could shop for her too.  She already asked my nephew and niece what they wanted so we can just go directly on the websites and purchase them.  For the new baby though, she would like to give her a bracelet.  Every grandchild in our family got a bracelet from my parents as their first gifts.  Mai's and Joey's are kept in my jewelry box, I'm sure they would love to pass them on to their children as well, so I am taking good care of the precious jewels for them.

I found her a cute bracelet from a children's jewellery website, a good friend recommended.  It is has a pink fairy charm and I believe  it was hand painted and the slippers are in 9ct gold.   Mom didn't have second thoughts about the bracelet when she laid eyes on it.  Perfect, was the only word I heard.  Nicole (that's going to be her name, according to my brother), might not appreciate the true value and beauty of it, but I know she will treasure it when the time comes.

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Krishna said...

Christmas is already few days from now but I can't still find the right gift for my mom.. any suggestions?

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