Oh, we have gps tracking.

It's been 9 years since my brother visited from the States.  He was surprised to see how much Manila have changed.  A lot of roads and fly-overs have been added.  He only knew about the Magallanes and  the Edsa-Ortigas interchanges, now there are more scattered around the city, you'll get lost if you're not so familiar with the roads.  The funny thing is, he was asking for road maps when he borrowed the car.  Even the kids we're laughing at him saying, road maps are a thing of the past.  Well brother,  we are not so "behind" here, just like in the US, we also have gps tracking and most cars are already equipped with this small gadget.  :)

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Ria said...

LOL! Funny how people from the West think Philippines is so wayyyyyy behind ;)

Happy 2011 Liza! Same to your family...

Nagkita-kita pala kayo nila Cherry and Sasha? Hope I can be in the next reunion.

God Bless!

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