Fade Blemishes and Sun Spots

Your skin can now take a break from expensive facial treatments and acne creams.  The secret to flawless skin is right in your kitchen.... lemon juice!  It helps fade blemishes and sun spots.  The credit goes to the juice's citric acid (one of the most potent alpha hydroxy acids), it exfoliates the darkened top layer of skin to fade sun spots while its anti-bacterial and drying properties clear pimples.  apply it at night time though, because the citric acid can cause irritation when skin is exposed to sunlight.


Russ aka Grampy said...

I am definately going to have to try that. I have plenty of fading I would like to occur.

Pamela said...

Interesting...I'll have to try this. I have sensitive skin and can't use a lot of store products. Thanks for the hint!

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