Chemical and Nuclear Weapons

Are you aware of the difference between chemical and nuclear weapons? I learned that both are classified as weapons of mass destruction. But their difference lies in the way that they destroy when unleashed. A chemical weapon is usually carried in projectiles, rockets or other artillery shells. When released in the air, the poisonous gases contained in those shells will cause harm, incapacity or immediate death to the human beings and animals the gases will come in contact with. It will leave all structures around standing and undamaged. But the humans and animals will eventually cease to exist.

On the other hand, nuclear weapons are actually explosive devices. When unleashed, it will create a destruction so massive that it will wipe out everything, both structures and living things, for miles and miles around. You just know that nothing will survive a nuclear explosion. The places wiped out by the explosion will remain not habitable for years and years to come. No life can be sustained in a place touched by nuclear explosion, even animals.

There lies the difference of nuclear and chemical weapons. Whatever the difference of the weapons is, there is no denying the fact that the main purpose of using either or both weapons is still massive destruction. Harm and death. Both are evil in a way that it takes lives when there is no need to go that far. We hear of countries who keep weapons like this in their arsenal, in places where it can easily be deployed to as far as countries across the globe. The weapons are meant to say in not so many words that the country has something up its sleeves that will mean mass destruction to their enemies if they decide to meddle with their affairs. Mass destruction. The planet doesn't need any of that now and ever.

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