The Oil Giants

When you talk about fuel, only two names come up easily.  British Petroleum and Exxon Mobil.  These two oil companies are the largest in the world.  British Petroleum, popularly known as BP is a European company based in London while Exxon is an American based company.

While the two are the largest suppliers of petrol, diesel, aviation fuel and other automotive fuels, BP concentrates more on exploration and production, refining and has also ventured into power generation and trading.  The company is also into the development and production of new energy technologies -- biofuels, hydrogen, solar, and wind power.  You might have already heard of biofuels.  Non-toxic type of fuels made from vegetable oils, waste cooking oils, animal fats or tall oil.

Exxon Mobil on the other hand concentrates more on  fuel and lubricant production.  This is also the company that introduced synthetic motor oils to us.   Millions of users find it beneficial because apparently, the oil helps extend engine life, reduce oil breakdown and minimize engine wear.  The oil is engine friendly because unlike any other motor oils, the synthetic oil helps keep your engine clean.  Both companies had suffered from a major setback in the past years because of  boil spills. Although billions of dollars were lost in both oil spills, the two companies have recovered fairly ans are now back on their feet.

These two big oil companies work hard to deliver clean fuel to the public and are working harder to find alternatives to help the environment.  So if you are to ask me what's the difference between bp and exxon, I would say nothing much.  Although some of their products may differ, both are aiming for the same goal, to be of better service to the public and to give us quality and clean fuel. 

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