I attended a symposium a few weeks ago. I was astonished to see the innovative mediums that were used. Wall partitions were made of fabric.  What caught my attention was the fabric can be used in different configurations. No need for expensive nails or tacks which can only be used once. Reusable velcro strips can be used to stick advertising materials, posters and notes to stick them to these fabric walls. And because velcro tapes were used on the Fabric Bulletin Board, you can use it over and over again.  Nail marks can easily destroy ordinary wall bulletin boards.

Imagine how much cost will be cut from the budget? No need to hire professionals to install these because you can do it yourself. Labor cost will also be cut. I wonder why no one ever thought of this before, imagine how environmentally friendly this innovation is? At a time when the environment is a worldwide concern,this new product is as green as it can get. I'm sure a lot of businesses, especially those who want to help the environment will turn to the wall fabrics.

I was told that they also come in different widths and length. It also comes in different colors and graphics. Frames can be adjusted to follow the contours you like. This is not only good for expos and seminars, they can also be used in social events like weddings and other social gatherings.  Sections can be enclosed for specific uses like preparation areas and accommodation areas. It's truly an amazing innovation and I will not be so surprised if I see a lot of these fabric walls  around soon.

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