The Insulator

I have mentioned before that last November, my brother and his wife purchased a house.  Well, it's not entirely new but it's still in great condition, except for a few minor things.  They moved in right before Christmas, but they did not have time to redecorate because my sister in law gave birth to Nikki unexpectedly.  The baby was supposed to arrive January of this year, but she came out early.

Nikki is four months old now and things are kind of back to normal with them. My brother has finished fixing some things inside the house and is now getting started with the attic.  He will be fixing the attic cover and is looking at some attic tents on the internet.  Hubs had told him to put one because it will keep their home more comfortable during summer and winter.  Heating the house during the cold months of winter and cooling it during the hot months of summer will be more economical with the tent that acts as an insulator.

That's what hubs did in our attic door.  Though we don't have winter here, the tent gives us cooler air during summer.  If you live or you have been in a tropical country, then you know how scorching hot our days are during summer time.  It's still hot even on not-so rainy days. The tent was a gift from his uncle who visited us from the US a couple of years ago and our house has been cooler since.

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