My husband used to manage several restaurants. Part of his job was to see to it that their customers always leaves satisfied. The food industry has a high rate of attrition. The only way to success  is to have your customers coming back and bringing new customers with them. There are no shortcuts in this business, t al depends on your staff and your food. They have an excellent chef. That makes his job a little more easier as his only concern would be the service aspect.

Aside from promos and constantly upgrading the menu, he makes it a point to conduct regular Customer Satisfaction Surveys. This way, he gets a good grasp of the service side of the business. He had forms given to the customers which allowed them to rate the quality of both the food and the service. He also asked them what kind of dishes they would like to see on the menu. Armed with these data, they could easily make the necessary adjustments to kep their clientele happy and satisfied. 

Because of their diligence, their restaurants are some of the best and most durable in the business. After almost three decades, they are still in business. They have expanded and has added theme bistros and cafes. Due to their popularity, several of their key branches are open to serve their loyal clients 24/7. Getting customer feedback is the key to their longevity. They have kept their clients through the years and has even captured the next generation. You have to really listen and pay attention to what your customers have to say.

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