Outdoors Men

The great outdoors is a common denominator for my son and husband. They just love trekking and camping. Sometimes, they ride their mountain bikes to discover new trails and camping spots.They would load up their gear in their backpacks and just spend a weekend in some place up in the mountains. Aside from having the best gear, my men also have the best apparel for the outdoors. Not all clothing is created equal. The outdoors and all its elements will punish what you wear. Special clothing with very specific makes and use is what they wear. Even their undergarments are meticulously selected. Wearing the right clothing also helps protect them from the elements.

My husband is very particular with what he wears on these trips. My son wears what his father wears. He recently bought a mens patagonian r2 jacket. It's lightweight and has very good insulation yet breathable. It's his Dad's favorite and he might as well wear one. After all, his Dad knows what works and what doesn't. Of curse part of their wardrobe is their footwear. Depending on where they'll be going, they have different shoes as well. I found it funny how they even wear special underwear when they go camping. I did not realize that having the right undergarments is also very important.

My husband has a stash of MREs which is what they eat on these trips. I was told that this is what the military eats in the field. This way, they eliminate the cooking part and reduces the risk of starting a fire. We all know how some campers accidentally start wildfires that could really cause serious damage to both life and property.

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