A Safe Way to Set the Mood

What better way to add mood to a room than with candles.  These decorative and scented waxes are not just practical home decors;  they are great to have on hand during electrical brownouts, and they are great to have too for different occasions -- birthdays, weddings, Christmas, etc. 

While it's true that these lovely decors can be dangerous (it's one the leading causes of house fires) and can cause poor indoor air quality, there are special candles that are safe to use.  Some of the candles available in the market come with toxic wicks and prolonged exposure to them may lead to serious health hazards.  That doesn't mean though that you can't use candles anymore to beautify your home.  You can still set the mood with flameless candles with timer.  These are practical, beautiful, simple to use and most importantly, safe for you and your home.  The candles are made from real wax so it's like having real candles at home and the only difference is they are battery-powered.  They flicker too so you have a warmly glowing candle effect.

What I love about these candles are  you can set the time that you want them on and they turn off automatically after a few hours.  These home decors are smoke free and flame free,  you can place them near curtains or dried flowers.  Candles in my home used to be merely home decors.  I used to be afraid to leave them on because they might cause fire.    With flameless candles, there is nothing to be afraid of.

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