Historic Colonies

An avid student of history, I have a wish list of places would like to see. I've traveled to different countries studying their history and culture. My interest is more of how civilizations came and went and their contribution to the global setup we now live in. Ancient civilizations have greatly influenced our lives. Along with colonization, new civilizations emerged.

For the longest time, Ireland had tried to keep its identity. Although under the British empire until today, the Irish have remained a proud people. Decades of turmoil has molded it into a resilient people. They have actually spread their culture around the world. I would love to take some ireland tours just so I can fully appreciate Ireland's historical background.

From the land that rose from the middle ages, another land of great interest is Peru. The Inca civilization that went extinct is a mystery I would like to study. Only their architectural wonders remain today. To travel machu picchu is to relive the experience of the once proud Incas. Unable to withstand the Spanish colonization, the civilization simply vanished without a trace. It is only now that we begin to discovery their culture and way of life.

The Land Down Under is one of the newest countries to emerge from colonization. From a criminal colony, it is now a major player in the international scene. Very much like the US, Australia is a land of immigrants. Aborigines and immigrants have assimilated into a society which has made this country strong. Eco-tourism continues to lure tourists to its shores. Different australia tours concentrate on showcasing Australia's natural wonders.

This is my wish list. These are the places I would love to visit someday.

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