Uniquely Mine

My bank is now offering designer checks to their clients. This is a wonderful thing for me. I can now be distinct. I thought that that check ordering would take a longer time. Much to my delight, they have made the process faster. Of course I should also monitor my checks to make sure that I wouldn't run out of it. This really is a wonderful thing. It also is a more secured banking. Checks we all know have been faked in the past. Having a personalized design would make fraud more difficult. Your check is uniquely yours. You can now distinguish your check outright because it is customized solely for you.

It really doesn't cost much. These discount checks cost almost as ordinary checks. I have ordered three extra booklets. I have also included other features in my design to add more security features. Even if someone is able to copy the general design, the other features would ensure its integrity. How I wish that this was made available sooner. I want to be different. The old checks were dull and can easily be faked. Now I can say that my personal checking account is truly personal. It is uniquely mine.

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