She Has So Much Talents

I knew that my friend Lynne is an interior designer but I've never seen her designs.  We've been bowling buddies for  quite a few years already but it was only when she invited me to her condominium that I discovered she is really good at what she does.   She said she graduated from interior design so many years ago but she keeps her skills updated not merely from magazines but she enrolls in workshops and she likes to attend seminars as well.  No wonder she's always traveling abroad.  Lynne is from a rich family and she can live with all the luxuries without having to lift a finger.  Just recently she said she attended a workshop at the Zurich design school and she'll be leaving again next month to attend another workshop at  Vienna Design school.

Lynne is a very talented woman.  I also discovered that she loves to paint too.  Although she is more focused on the local art, some of her works have a touch of Valencia Art.  She has traveled in Spain a few times and she loved the works of the native artists there.   I never knew this woman has so much talent and I envy that she can paint and draw.  Me?  I can only appreciate.  :)

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