They Love Gadgets

For my men who love gadgets and anything electronics, the recent expo at the World Trade Center in Manila was heaven.  It's not my kind of thing and I knew I'll just be bored so I begged off when they asked if I'd like to come.  These men can spend hours there just looking at the latest in gadgets and electronics.  As expected, they came home with a few of the latest and lots of stories on the things they didn't buy and couldn't afford.

I heard my son say that their eyes feasted on the coolest remote controls.  He was asked me if we can go back for the touch screen remote with rechargeable batteries.  He said, his dad loved it and it's going to be a perfect father's day gift.  I only said, we'll see if we can go tomorrow.  :)

They bought a couple of TV DLP Lamps and TV Parts.  Hubs like to tinker with some of our electronics at home and he always make sure he has the basic available in case something gets broken.  The expo definitely made these two men very happy.  They brought home so many brochures that up to now they still like to look at. 

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