She Needs a Helper

As I have mentioned in my last post, my daughter and her husband were blessed with twin girls.  All things were alright when all the test results came out yesterday so they were allowed to go home this afternoon.  She gave birth through Ceasarian section so Mai is still very careful with her moves, her body is also a little weak due to the trauma of labor and giving birth.  My son in law and I are talking if they should  get help from HireAHelper.  With him working, it's going to be very difficult for Mai to move freely and take care of the twins while the sutures are still fresh.  Of course I can help but I might not be able to go there very often now that I don't have help in the store.

I told him that it's a great idea because  that's what I did too when I gave birth to my kids.   HireAHelper has a good reputation because I heard from my friend that her helper is from that company.  I have already made an inquiry and I have to admit that I'm quite impressed at how they run things there.  Help is available for almost anything:  maids, cleaners, movers, day labor, gardening, etc.  I first asked about the helpers and found out that their staff were screened thoroughly.  Background checking, medical check ups and references were required before a helper is hired.  Infants are very delicate so we want to make sure that the help we are getting is gentle and healthy.  We have narrowed down our choices to two ladies.  We will be having the final look tomorrow to see who qualifies best to help my daughter.  We would also like to ask her undergo another medical check up with our family doctor.

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GhengizShon said...

I often sub contract with this company for moving labor services and I must agree that they are a terrific company to work with. I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of a helper.

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