Two Miracles!



Friday was a very special day for my family.  We were blessed with beautiful baby girls when my daughter gave birth to twins!  She had a difficult time though because the babies were too big (each weighed 6 lbs) and one of the umbilical cords were tangled on one of the girl's neck.  The girls came to the world through Ceasarian section.  We are so thankful that the mother and the babies are doing alright.  Some tests are being done with the twins (newborn testing, etc)  and if all goes well they'll be allowed to go home on Monday.

Mai is craving for some of her favorite foods, food in valencia most especially, but she's still on a soft diet.  She misses her favorite restaurant because for the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy, she was advised to rest in bed.  Too much movement might induce labor.  Her food intake was also affected during the last two months.  A few spoonfuls already made her full.   A few days more honey and I'm sure you can eat all the food you want.  And you're gonna need that to take care of your twins.  :)

Before Mai got pregnant she wanted to take up fashion design, fashion Antwerp in particular.  She likes Antwerp Fashion because it's not just Paris, London, Milan and Amsterdam.  It's the best of all these rolled into one.  It might take a little while before she can fulfill this dream but she says, it's definitely not going in the chest.  She'll be back in the fashion world as soon as she can.  :)


Anya said...

you are grandMommy :))


Also congratulations to your daughter

The baby's are so beautiful
and i'm happy that Mai is feeling well.
OMG twins
she must had a very diffecult pregnant.

Give your grandchildren a BIG hug from me :)

Enjoy Liza
from that miracle :))

7wekenzwanger said...

Congrads! :) the photo's look great!

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