At The Plant

I visited a client's plant last week. He's adding new equipment and would like the place reorganized. I told him that we can rearrange that different workstation for a more fluid operation. We will be moving all the storage cabinets in one section. This way, parts and special tools will be housed in one section. Inventory of both parts and tools will be a lot easier. An additional service cart will be assigned to every section. This will serve as a backup cart for new parts and small tools. After every working day all tools and extra parts are to be returned to the central storage section. A foreman in charge with releasing these items will also be the one to store them.

Every section will have additional industrial workbenches for operational and production expansion. The new equipments will increase and hasten production. This is why additional workbenches and industrial cabinets are needed. An overhead crane will also be installed to ferry the heavier parts from one workstation to the next. A new loading bay will be constructed at the far end of the plant next to the packaging station. All these will have to be finished in two weeks. Time is a little tight but I'm sure my team will be able to finish the project in time. 

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