Green Revolution

We've all seen how global warming greatly affects our daily lives. There is a shift now to heal our ailing planet. More and more organizations hold environmental fundraising events. There so many green fundraising ideas that these organizations are using. Some hold concerts with the proceeds going to environmental projects. Fun runs and bike rides are also very popular events for environmentalists. I have attended a green fundraising event that sponsored a movie premiere. A huge percentage of the ticket sales went to a tree planting project.

Raising awareness for the environment has been very successful. In just five years, more and more people are taking notice of how our daily activities impact the environment. Even the automotive industry is taking steps to lessen their carbon imprint. Research and development of renewable energy has been very successful as well. Waste management as well have greatly improved. Waste segregation, recycling and composting  are utilized to lessen pollution and contamination of the soil and waterways. Stricter environmental laws have been passed to address different environmental issue.  Countries all over the world are doing all these as well. Governments are now taking proactive steps to make our planet healthy again. The Green Revolution is in full swing.

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