Fun Fare

The expo we went to had a very festive mood. There were bands playing and from time to time, announcements of upcoming activities for the day. It was a transport industry exposition. Different automotive flags bore the names and logos of the different car manufacturer. The parking lot flew message flags inviting one and all to check out the different exhibitors. My husband and son could not hide their enthusiasm as they took every giveaway and souvenirs handed to them. They checked out the new models and took pictures of the different sports cars on display. The main display hall had pennant strings with manufacturer logos.

We checked out the motorcycles and ATVs on display. I especially liked the recreational vehicles. I checked each and every model they had on display. My husband checked out the big bikes while my son took a look at the new motocross bikes. There were also boats on display. A certain company displayed its personal hovercrafts. They were awesome. One craft had military specs and many people were milling around it. Some exhibitors offered test drives. Others had videos of their vehicles. A seminar on road safety was also held. Navigation aids were also on display. My husband was particularly interested in the new vehicle security systems. It was a fun weekend for me and my boys. 

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