Christmas Fairies

Our dear Nikki is celebrating her first birthday next month.  My brother and my SIL waited for a long time to have a child, so when Nikki arrived last year, you can just imagine the joy and excitement we all felt.  Nikki was showered with love since she came and she had been the center of everybody's attention.  It's been a while since we had a baby in the family.

My brother and his wife are already preparing for her first birthday party.  They plan to hold it at home with some friends and relatives.  Of course, the godfathers and godmothers will be there as well.  It is not going to be extravagant; the couple wants to make it as simple as possible.  And because her birthday is very close to Christmas, my sister-in-law plans to add some fairies to her Christmas decorations.  Nikki seems to be fond of fairies and she loved the Mark Roberts fairies they saw in a department store.  What's not to love about these Christmas fairies?  They are so beautiful and carefully crafted even kids love them.  In fact, that gave my SIL an idea to go for the Christmas fairy theme.    I think I'm gonna have to start my own collection too.  And since were talking about fairies, I'm going to look for Christmas fairy costumes for the twins.  I hope I find something that would fit.  They would be six months old on Nikki's birthday and I'm crossing my fingers that they have the costumes for babies.  It's going to be a fun fairy-inspired party I'm sure.

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