Small Floods, Big Damage

News of a disastrous flood that affects a whole community tends to hit the headlines. Another type of flooding, on a smaller scale, is much more common and doesn’t make the news. One of the main reasons you should find the best flood insurance NJ has to offer is because claims for water damage are more frequent in cases where flooding was caused by the failure of appliances like washing machines.
As you’d expect, older washing machines are more likely to fail than newer washers. Faults in supply hoses are the most common reason for washing machine floods although drainage failures and machine overflows also give rise to water damage insurance claims.

One of the best ways of avoiding a washing machine flood is to take a few minutes each month or so to check the supply and drainage hoses for signs of wear and damage. Always operate a washing machine in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions; to avoid blockages, only use detergents that are recommended by the manufacturer. Don’t risk a flood by leaving the house while your washing machine is in mid-cycle.

The damage caused by a washing machine flood is likely to be more extensive and costly if the washer is located near valuable furniture or electronic equipment. Because of this, home safety experts recommend installing washing machines in basement areas rather than on upper floors of a house.

No-one who has had a washing machine flood will need to be reminded how expensive this experience can be. While a home insurance policy may provide some protection from the cost of replacing water damaged items, you’ll still be faced with paying a deductible.

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