Five Months Old

Mai's twins turned five months yesterday and they are getting bigger and bigger everyday.  Both of the girls are a bit cranky these past few days because I suspect they are teething.  They keep on biting on their fingers and on anything their hands can grab probably to help relieve the pressure in their gums.  They also drool a lot and we noticed that their stools are loose.    Sophie seems not to mind these symptoms too much; it's Soleil who's fussier.  She can't sleep well and cries a lot.  Mai is worried but I assured her that all these are normal and will go away as soon as the the first tooth erupts.

She's documenting all of their milestones and she makes sure her camera is always ready when the first tooth shows up.  This is going to be one of the most exciting additions to the twins' scrapbook.  Having twins is so fascinating.  They are the first in our family and everyday we discover something new from them.  Soleil is older by three minutes.  She is the smaller one but she appears to be stronger; it's Sophie who always get the fever and the sniffles, but she's ahead when it comes to their milestones.   Mai has documented every milestone beginning with their first smile, coo, laughter and roll over.  Each of them has her own scrapbook and Mai again ordered for discount black card stock just to make sure she'll never be out of these papers.

I'm surprised that she still finds time to do all these despite having so little time left after taking care of them, but then again, a mom would do anything for her babies, right?

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Seow wei said...

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