My son and were stuck in traffic for a couple of hours. A road repair caused the two-hour jam which really got some motorists hot under the collar. As the asphalt equipment were being prepared, my son and I watched in amazement how machines prepared the asphalt for laying. Trucks maneuvered to pour dirt and gravel. A grader was on standby to level the gravel and dirt. An asphalt paver was at the end of the caravan of equipments.

We watched how everyone took their turn. A payloader made sure that all the dirt and gravel were spread right. When everything was set, an asphalt chip spreader went in to finish the job. I did not notice the hours pass since watching the roadwork amused me. My son was busy playing his PSP. Kid in the other cars were all watching the work from start to finish. Some even took photos with their phones. It was a weekend anyway and my son and I were just going to buy some groceries. We were in no hurry. It was one of those traffic jams that you won't mind being stuck in. It was fun to watch how roads are repaired. We went on our way as soon as the policeman waved us through.

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