Soothe Irritated Skin

Back in the old days, the Indians used pumpkin seeds to speed the healing of irritated, flaky skin.  Now, science proves that they can really soothe skin problems.  That's because the oil in these seeds can reduce inflammation as effectively as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  Plus, the seeds are rich in skin-healing zinc and copper.  Enjoy a handful of the yummy seeds as a snack or add them to salads or granola.

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Max Coutinho said...

Hey Liza,

It is traditional in Portugal to eat them, as snacks, in bodegas.

When you say they heal the skin, I suppose you are saying to eat them without drinking beer lol (that's what the Portuguese do lol).

My darling, thanks for another great tip. I hope everything is well with you and yours.

Have a great incoming weekend :D.


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